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Houston Texans is a professional American football team in Houston, Texas. They are now the National Football League team of the American Football League (AFC) Southern District group.Jerseys For Sale.The Texans joined the NFL in 2002 as an expansion team. The city before the team for the Houston oil, the team moved to Tennessee in Nashville in 1997, and in 1999 changed its name to Tennessee Titan.When 1995 Cleveland Brown moved the new city and renamed the Baltimore Ravens as well as the re-established Cleveland Brown in 1999. NFL intends to expand the league’s team into 32 teams.Jerseys From China.The original NFL hope that the new team in Los Angeles, the United States is the second largest media market, the city because the team relocated lost two NFL team (ram and raid, then the ram in the 2016 ball Pre-season to play again to move back, renamed the Los Angeles Rams, and San Diego Light also in 2017 season before the play also moved to Los Angeles, renamed Los Angeles Lightning). So the NFL hopes to establish a Los Angeles-based team, but it seems that Los Angeles is not interested in the new NFL team. There is no actual construction of the new stadium (the Los Angeles Memorial Stadium and the Rose Bowl Stadium are already aging.)

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In this case, Houston lost the Houston oilers, the city hopes to take a positive attitude to the new NFL team, trying to promote themselves (Houston in the United States is the fourth largest city and the tenth largest media market), regional government support New American football team, in fact they do not want to lose the team situation, the former team oil because of the aging of the stadium, moved to the new city, the city set up a new stadium, called Reliant Stadium.China Jerseys.As a result of Houston’s aggressive and paid, coupled with the indifference of Los Angeles, the Texans were born.The Houston Texans are a professional American football team based in Houston, Texas. The Texans compete in the National Football League (NFL) as a member club of the American Football Conference (AFC) South division.Cheap China Jerseys.The club first played in 2002 as an expansion team, which makes them the youngest franchise currently competing in the NFL.[4] The Texans replaced Houston’s previous franchise, the Houston Oilers, which moved to Nashville, Tennessee and are now the Tennessee Titans. The team’s majority owner is Bob McNair. While the team mainly struggled in the 2000s, they clinched their first playoff berth during the 2011 season as AFC South division champions.[5] The Texans have gone on to win more AFC South championships in 2012, 2015, and 2016. To date, the Texans are the only NFL franchise to have never played in a conference championship game.

On September 6, 2000, the NFL’s 32nd franchise was officially christened the Houston Texans before thousands at a downtown rally in Houston.Cheap Football Jerseys.McNair explained that the name and logo “embody the pride, strength, independence and achievement that make the people of Houston and our area special.”The nickname “Texans” was more recently used by the now-defunct Canadian Football League franchise in San Antonio; the Texans had previously been the name of a former World Football League franchise in Houston, which moved to Louisiana to become the Shreveport Steamer; the Dallas Texans of the NFL which only played in the 1952 season; and the nickname was also used by the precursor of the present-day Kansas City Chiefs, when they were the Dallas Texans of the American Football League (AFL).Youth Football Jerseys.Owner Bob McNair did have to make a deal with Chiefs’ owner Lamar Hunt to use the Texans nickname for his new team.


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